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Zak Spatafore


I started my Journey in 2016 my goal is to give a memorable expierance to go along  with your lifelong tattoo. my style of tattooing is a mix between new school and neo traditional. 

 I enjoy  tattooing anything  pop culture/ nerdy I love using colors! When I’m not tattooing I love spending time with my family, cooking fancy dinners, playing video games and catching up on the latest anime, some of my favorite anime’s currently are Naruto, Attack in Titan and My hero academia.

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"Its more than tattooing with Zak, Its definitely creating a bond."


"I really like Zak's process, He walks me through everything and gives me multiple options to create a unique piece."



"I get compliments all the time, Im always in love with the work that I get done here."

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