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I specialize in painterly color & illustrative abstract style.

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I specialize in mandala, dot work & photo realism.

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I specialize in color and black & grey photo realism.

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Dreambent Studios Tattoo offers a wide array of styles ranging from American traditional to photo realistic to painterly abstract tattoos. We are committed to producing the best tattoos possible in an atmosphere where everyone feels right at home. Browse through our experienced team's bios and get a taste for what’s possible when creating your tattoo.




Dreambent Studios aims to provide our community & the world with exceptional tattoos and a platform to pursue your individual dreams.
Call or text the studio at

3972 E. 104th Ave. Thornton, CO 80233
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We promise an experience that’s unique and distinct. Our family-like atmosphere is one where you are free to be and free to act, inviting you to be yourself.

Your tattoo needs and wants are important to us and we are committed to turning your vision into beautiful works of art. 

  • Aftercare
    Eddie's Downloadable Aftercare Sheet Chase's Downloadable Aftercare Sheet Kenny's Downloadable Aftercare Sheet Aftercare Pointers: Good aftercare is the single most important thing you can do to heal your tattoo without complications. While healing, Do Not touch your tattoo without first washing your hands with liquid antibacterial soap. Initially, leave your bandage on for 1 hour. After removing the bandage, gently wash your tattoo and surrounding area with warm water and antibacterial soap. Do Not scrub. Pat dry with a clean, disposable paper towel. There is no need to re-bandage your tattoo. Continue to wash the area gently 2-3 times a day and gently apply a thin coat of a lotion-based care product for a period of 2-3 weeks. We recommend a fragrance free moisturizer or aftercare lotion and advice against any environment full of debris such as pet dandruff, unsanitary, and/or hazardous compounds and chemicals. You may experience a slight discoloration of the tattoo during the healing process as well as skin flakes containing shedding pigment, this is part of the normal healing process. Pick at dead skin, scabs and/or scratching your tattoo will delay the healing process. We advice against any chlorine pool, hot tub, lake or ocean water, direct sunlight, tanning bed lights and/or other harsh conditions for a full 6 weeks. We understand that these instructions may not cover all situations that's why we make ourselves available by phone 720.795.3015 to answer any additional questions or concerns. - Dreambent Studios Tattoo Staff
  • Gift Certificates?
    Absolutely, please stop in the shop anytime and a team member can help you out! We also have contactless ability to email you a gift certificate and complete payment over the phone or via venmo. Our gift certificates are customizable and you may choose the gifter, giftee and the amount you would like the gift certificate to be worth. Please call or text the studio for assistance.
  • Appointments
    Contact the shop phone via call or text, 720-795-3015 Please set up a consultation for your tattoo. Be sure to send inspiration to the shop for your artist via text. Your artist will work with you on your custom design. Dreambent has a non-refundable deposit (shop minimum is 100.00) for every artist. We require all of our scheduled appointments and walk-in clients to consult with an artist and allow for drawing time before getting inked. Deposits are required to schedule a tattoo session and will go toward the total price of your tattoo. Dreambent does not offer flash tattoos, all designs are custom.
  • Tattoo Consultations
    Before having a consultation, think about what you want or a direction you want to go in and send references to the shop phone. Gather photos, images, drawings and inspiration on your phone. There is no such thing as too much. We welcome a great starting point and want to be clear on your tattoo vision. Every tattoo is custom so you can be sure you’ll get an original design. And then of course, you pay for time. Not only the time you sit in the chair, but the years of experience behind who you sit with. If you remember nothing else, remember this—you get what you pay for.
  • What to Expect
    -You must bring a state or federally issued ID, Driver’s License, Passport or Military ID if you wish to be tattooed. No exceptions. -Make sure the area to be tattooed is free from any skin blemishes, rashes, fresh scars and especially sunburns. -Drink lots of water prior and after tattoo appointment, stay hydrated! -Make sure to eat a solid meal before your appointment, especially if you are receiving a larger tattoo. -Do not take blood thinners or have any alcohol prior to your appointment. Once you arrive, we get you comfortable and we’ll get to work. We pre-draw your design before we tattoo to make sure you’re happy with what we’re about to do. We’ll talk to you while we work so you feel like you’re part of the family, because you are. Or you can listen to music and take a nap. We’ll provide aftercare instructions so you know just what to do when you leave us. You will be excited beyond your wildest dreams about your new tattoo. For your safety and the safety of everyone in the shop, do not consume any alcohol, pain medications, blood thinners or any other type of medication that may put your health at risk. Consult with your doctor if you have any medical conditions and wish to receive a tattoo. If you must seek medical counsel before tattooing, bring a copy of the clearance letter from your doctor. No children under the age of 10 will be allowed in the station with you. You may bring one guest into the station provided he or she does not become a distraction to the artist or the rest of the staff. Dreambent Studios Tattoo LLC. reserves the right to remove any client or guest if deemed necessary. If you are on vacation, plan your tattoo toward the end of your trip in order to protect the healing process from overexposure to sun and water activities.
  • Cover Ups
    Coverups are artist based and consoltation based. We take many factors into consideration and coverup inquires have to be completed in person. Every cover up is different and not all artists are willing to work with a coverup, please contact the shop to setup a consultation with a willing artist. When it comes to tattoo coverups, we’ll work with you to create a new design that will cover up your old tattoo and turn it into a work of art that you’ll be proud to show off. Whether you’re looking to cover up a name tattoo, a color tattoo, a tribal tattoo, or an older faded tattoo we’ve got the talent to take care of your new design.
  • Pricing?
    The price of your tattoo will vary depending on the artist, its size, detail and placement on your body. We ask that you be as descriptive as possible when working with your artist and allow for sufficient drawing time.
  • Do you Offer Piercings?
    Dreambent Studios does not currenly offer piercings.
  • Payment Methods
    Cash Payments Credit / Debit Cards Apple Pay Venmo

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